Soft. Cuddly. Sentimental. These are a few words that can be used to describe plush toys. Whether the first friend to love, given to a baby by a favorite relative or friend, or the confidant and companion of a toddler, or a specially-picked souvenir of a memorable trip or occasion, plush toys have a place in the hearts of those young and old.

We know what we do best, and it has become the mainstay of our product line - plush toys. Because we see their value to the consumer. Sure kids today like digital devices - video games are taking over their share of the market for kid’s toys. But we still want kids to experience the feeling of cuddling up in bed with their fuzzy plush friend - something they can’t do with their hand- held computer. We have always stood for the preservation and protection of wildlife. When kids take home a realistic looking plush animal from a shop, they create a bond with that animal. Let’s hope that connection helps them to become an individual who values and cares for our natural world and the creatures in it.

Why our plush toys? We develop unique, realistic, exclusive designs based on popular, unusual or trendy animals. Our materials are high-quality, with sensory appeal. We care about what you want to sell to your customers, and offer a variety of tested products, sure-to-be a hit new designs based on current trends, and custom items we design based on your input.

Why Wildlife Artists? With all the decisions you need to make as a buyer, we make it simple. Quality products. Competitive price points. Accessible, attentive sales people who understand the market and are attuned to your establishment and responsive to your needs. We are a small family- owned company with dedicated, creative and innovative employees, who at one point or another had their very own (and maybe still do!) plush friend to love. And we get it, and we think you do too.

Yours in Wildlife,

Caroline Ward
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